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We are educators and exam specialists. With encouragement, support and carefully planned lessons, we believe you will be able to excel in your English Language skills and practice, far beyond what you could ever imagine. We believe you can do it, and we want to help you! We will teach you how to develop your English Language skills and practice with utmost confidence, in any setting.

We will also help you to advance in public and independent English Language studies (e.g. GCSE, SAT, A-Level, GRE, GMAT).

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A. Choose a level to study (e.g. GCSE, SAT, GRE, basic, intermediate, advanced, causal). 

B. Choose a topic to study (if applicable), e.g. Business English.

(See 'Topic', below)  

C. Choose to study:

1. Hour-by-hour
2. Within a 4 week intensive period 
3. Continuously, for any amount of time you choose

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We teach, coach and cover:

*British-English (all levels)
*US-English (all levels)

*Other English dialects (e.g. Australian-English)

*Reading, Writing (e.g. essay, letter, email writing help) 

*Proofreading (e.g. grammar help)

*English Speaking (e.g. public speaking, business presentations, voice coaching,                 phonetics, pronunciation pace, intonation, tone, grammar, language stress,

formal and informal English)  

*Public Speaking coaching

*Self-esteem coaching

*English Language exam preparation (e.g. ESOL, GRE, GMAT, SAT, GCSE, A-levels)

*Cambridge Exams preparation (e.g. CAE, FCE)

*IELTS preparation, Business English, Academic English, Casual English

*Confidence Coaching (e.g. self-esteem at work, in college, in life
*TOEFL English preparation
*Casual English

*English for any purpose (e.g. work, school, college/university, socialising)                         
*English Language teacher-training booster course (e.g. Confidence coaching, QTS essay help, TEFL, TESOL)

The preferred time of study is Monday-Friday (9am - 5pm, UK time).
However, you may choose to study anytime you like!


English as a Foreign Language for adults (reading, writing, listening, speaking, phonetics, exam preparation)

Business English (reading, writing, listening, speaking, phonetics, exam prep)

English Language in the workplace (to help you adjust to/advance in specific language used within the work place)

English Language for school, college and university (to help you become better acquainted with the type and standard of language required for school, college and university studies)

English Language for fun

Different British Dialects (e.g. learn one or more British dialect - e.g. Geordie, Scottish-English)

Different ways to speak English (learn one or more dialect - e.g. American-English, Australian-English)

English Language exam preparation

Teacher-training for English Language educators and aspiring educators (e.g. lessons to prepare you for and enhance your current teaching practice)

The History of English Language
 (all levels - e.g. Undergraduate, M.A.)

English as a Foreign Language for children (reading, writing, listening, speaking, phonetics, tests)

English as a Foreign Language for teens (reading, writing, listening, speaking, phonetics, tests)


Course Outline

Course sections include: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking

Choose to include all or some of the following:

- Grammar: Terms and definitions, countable and uncountable nouns, tenses, verbs; modal and auxiliary, conditions
- Accuracy vs. Fluency, the stages of writing, correction techniques
-Vocabulary: Words and sentences, using dictionaries, choosing vocabulary
- Stages of reading
- Phonetics, stress, rhythm, intonation
- Successful and highly effective exam tips


Argumentative language

Language (purpose, cause and effect)

Formal language for writing

Informal language

Review of all focused sections in this unit


Writing tips and advice

Practice different types of writing tasks

Practice planning writing tasks

Learn how to compare and contrast

Review of all focused sections in this unit


Comprehension and question

Guided listening

Non-guided listening

Review of all focused sections in this unit


Public speaking/Presentations

Independent speech

Review of all focused sections in this unit

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