Ray of Hope Orphanage (in the background), Berean Christian School (being built)

Tutor-UK has recently been a part of the opening Berean Christian School and Ray of Hope Orphanage, in Mbita (Kenya). We also continue to raise funds and bring in donations for the school and the orphanage. Do let us know if you would like to sponsor any students, donate clothes and items in very good order, volunteer, raise funds, or anything else.  

We are immediately looking for short-term and long-term volunteers workers to serve in Mbita (Kenya). Organisations and individuals from all over the world (including the UK), are involved in building the vision for the Berean Christian School and Ray of Hope Orphanage. 

Our vision is to create a sustainable school and orphanage environment in which the children and staff in Mbita are loved and supported, and their provisions are fully met.  Our purpose is to build on the vision on our hearts, by providing the children and staff access to gracious, loving and extremely motivated groups and individuals who are more than able to help them excel to their greatest potential.

We wish to greatly advance the educational and social environment for the children and current members of staff. You are welcome to stay from 1 week to 6 months, for short-term, or longer (long-term). You are welcome to join the team in Kenya (Mbita), as soon as you can! :)

We are looking for kindhearted, inspirational and dynamic volunteers: teachers, youth leaders, life coaches, mentors, social workers to work directly with the orphans, school nurses and doctors, construction staff (e.g. to complete the current school and orphanage building projects), office staff (administrators, accountants), Sunday school teachers, worship leaders, Bible College and school program developers, choreographers.

We look forward to partnering with you.

Best wishes,

Tutor-UK and Balm Christian Ministries International

Members of staff (short-term and long-term), and some of the lovely children

Education and Well-Being

We are currently raising support for a number of groups and individuals. Our featured school and orphanage includes: Berean Christian School and Ray of Hope Orphanage.

We are currently looking for volunteers to help build each project. Contact us for more information!

Tutor-UK and Balm Christian Ministries International are committed to providing the best practice in every area of service.

Main Leaders: Benard and Dorothy