​Hi there,

My name is Karlene. I was home-schooled for a while, and I learned so much from individualised learning. I deeply treasure such memorable times.

Today, I am the founder of Tutor UK, an English teacher, lecturer and examiner,
​a life and professional coach, a motivational speaker and a therapist.

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​I would love to help you develop your English Language and Literature skills, Bible topical studies, Citizenship and Religious Studies with much confidence, knowledge and practical understanding.

Contact me about any of my services!

You may also contact me about the following services:

Teaching online: I teach and encourage English Language and English Literature to students aged 7-adults. My clients come from all over the world (e.g. the UK, the USA, Europe). Lessons take place online. Students may participate in group or individual lessons.

Teacher-training (for qualified, unqualified and trainee teachers in any sector):

In-school and online booster lessons (e.g. Confidence, Effective Lesson Plans, Motivational and Inspiring Lessons, Dealing with Stress, Department Management, Assessment/Exam Strategies).

Motivational speaking: I travel to schools, universities, non-education institutes and businesses impacting, motivating and inspiring children and adults to excel personally, in life, studies and work.

Professional and Life Coaching: I coach educational leaders (e.g. teachers, heads of departments, principals), business women and young ladies.

Relaxation and Art Therapy: I offer online and one-to-one relaxation and art therapy services to women and young ladies, in any sphere (e.g. stay-at-home mums, business women, teenagers, university students). Groups and individuals do not have to be artists to participate and enjoy each session. 

English Language and Literature (online) Options

A. Choose a level to study (e.g. GCSE, CAE, SAT, GRE, basic, intermediate, advanced, causal). 

B. Choose a topic/text to study (e.g. Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby) ​

C. Choose to study:

1. Hour-by-hour (e.g. Monday, 3pm-4pm)
2. Within a 4 week intensive period (e.g. 4 one hour lessons a week)
3. Continuously, for any amount of time you choose (study any time on any day of your choice)

*Study is flexible. The most popular times to study are Monday-Friday 10am-5pm (GMT)​ 

I teach groups and individuals.

I offer the following to schools:

*British-English (all levels)
*US-English (all levels)

*High school English/ Secondary school English: Curriculum studies, homework help, assessment/exam preparation, reading, writing (e.g. essay, poetry, tabloid/newspaper writing, speech, letter, note-taking, email writing and grammar help), listening and speaking lessons, English for internships and travel

*English Language and/or Literature exam preparation

*Elocution and accent reduction

*Voice coaching (e.g. confidence with speaking, pronouncing words and expressing thoughts, intonation)             
*Public speaking coaching
*Self-esteem coaching

I offer the following to colleges, universities, professionals and casual learners:

*Reading, Writing (e.g. essay, letter, email writing help) 

*Proofreading (e.g. grammar help)

*English Speaking (e.g. public speaking, business presentations, phonetics, pronunciation pace, intonation, tone, grammar, language stress, formal and informal English)  

*Elocution and accent reduction

Voice coaching                 

*Public speaking coaching

*Self-esteem coaching

*Managing life when faced with stress

*English Language and Literature exam preparation (e.g. ESOL, GRE, GMAT, SAT, GCSE, A-levels)

*Cambridge Exams preparation (e.g. CAE, FCE)

*IELTS preparation, Business English, Academic English, Casual English

*Confidence Coaching (e.g. self-esteem at work, in college, in life)
*TOEFL English preparation
*Casual English

*English for any purpose (e.g. college, university, work, socialising)      

I also offer educators and education institutes:

*English Language education leadership booster sessions (e.g. Confidence coaching, pedagogy essay planning and writing help, TEFL and TESOL enhancement sessions)

Best wishes, 

Karlene Rose Van-Pitterson, M.A., PhD Ed. (credits), Cert. Life Coaching, Dip CBT, Dip Art-Therapy, TEFL (distinction), Teaching Award (distinction), Assessing Cert., Award in Education and training
Founder, Tutor-UK (Tutoring and Coaching London, the UK, the US and the World)

 A quote I love:

“Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today.” 

– Abraham Lincoln

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