Lessons for All Ages, Subjects and Levels


We teach ALL subjects and levels (primary, secondary, college, university, non-academic, professional). We teach in English and/or in any other language of your choice. 

Our teaching methods include: Patience, diligence, encouragement, empathy, endurance, intentional listening, a sincere belief that you can achieve your best with hard work, a passion to help you to achieve in confidence and boldness.

Lessons can take place on Skype. Choose all, some or one way to learn. Choose from a list of
affordable packages

Our lessons and lesson plans include differentiation (key methods and resources geared to suit your educational needs, to excel your skills, motivation and thus, your education experience). We will also assist you with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia and dyscalculia.

Learning difficulties do not have to hold you back. We can help you move forward, no matter what. You are a winner!

UK and international course providers are coupled with specifications (e.g. AQA, OCR, Edexcel). Specifications typically allow teachers to accurately follow each course outline, and maximise student learning. Thus, we refer to the most recent specifications when teaching you. Simply let us know which specification you and/or any children may have follow, and we will happily assist you. Please do not worry if you are unaware of which specification to use. We will equip you and/or any children in your care to excel in learning and practice. Should you decide to use a specific book for your lessons, we will be more than glad to plan lessons around your books, with our own strategies as well.

We offer professional educational advice and guidance (e.g. advice about choosing schools, colleges and universities; how to gain/grow in confidence; interview assistance; anti-bullying advice; advice and guidance for educators and aspiring educators; parental advice and guidance for education; teacher-training and QTS advice).

We also provide assistance with reading, writing (e.g. school, college, degree, business purposes, casual, Pedagogy/PGCE writing advice), speaking (e.g. phonetics, elocution/accents/pronunciation, delayed speech assistance), and listening (e.g. English Language listening skills).

The following is an example of SOME of the levels we teach (including UK courses, international programs, US education):

Exam preparation and practice exam tests (for all relevant subjects and levels)



SAT's (Standard Assessment Tests)



All Key Stages



Scottish qualifications

Welsh qualifications

Irish qualifications

Functional Skills









Undergraduate degrees

Postgraduate degrees

Post-doctorate studies

Non-academic/non-certificate classes

All home-school classes (e.g. private courses/programs you are following/wish to follow)

All American education programs (e.g. K-12, community college courses, diplomas, GED/HiSET, degrees) and exam prep - e.g. SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL

All international programs (e.g. A1-C2, International Baccalaureate - IB)