Welcome to our proofreading department!

Feel free to use our services as often as you wish.

We are more than pleased to assist you!

Our proofreading service is an excellent way to have your draft documents and your final documents checked. You can receive effective comments and suggestions regarding how your draft

and final documents can be improved.

​To have your work proofread:

1. Complete our booking form and upload your


2. Make a non-refundable payment for proofreading

(payment may be made via paypal. You do not need 

a paypal account).             

3. Receive an email from Tutor-UK confirming receipt of your documents, payment and the confirmed deadline

4. Receive your proofread documents back, via email

To book your proofreading service (with editing comments), please click here and make a payment. 

Our proofreading service includes:

Grammar checks
Sentence structure checks
Editing comments to help enhance the quality of your documents
Reference checks

We also offer:

Appropriate terminology choices (a list of synonyms)
Repetition checks
A quick turnaround!

We proofread English and other language texts.

Proofreading costs:

£4.00 (for every 1-499 words)
£8.50 (up to every 500-1000 words)
For an additional cost of £5 per page of references, your

documents may be checked for consistent referencing

(e.g. Harvard, APA).

Proofreading may be completed in less than 24 hours

***To make a payment, e.g. for 20,380 words:

1. Click the button for 'Up to 20,000 words', complete the payment
2. Click the button for 'for every 1-499 words', complete the payment

We recommend you upload your documents as soon as possible, and

state the preferred deadline as a time before your actual final deadline.

For example, if you need a document by Friday 3 October, we recommend

you state your preferred deadline as Wednesday 1 October or Thursday 2 October. This will allow you to view your documents ahead of time.

All proofreading is carried out by expert proofreaders (e.g. academic, 

medical and business proofreaders, legal proofreaders, scientific

proofreaders). Your proofreading is in safe hands!

We look forward to proofreading your documents to an excellent standard!

*Please note, in order to uphold integrity, our proofreading service does

not include re-writing or adding additional paragraphs for any groups or individuals. It will be a pleasure to assist you!