Why Choose us?

Passionate, Empathetic and Approachable

We are a passionate, empathetic and most approachable group of reflective professionals.
By "reflective", we mean that we continuously assess our own professional practice and attitude, in order to deliver an excellent service to you in the best way possible.

We believe you can achieve your best, and we will help you!

We offer lessons on Skype, at tutor homes, at student homes, or on facebook chat! 

Our lessons are designed to suit all learning needs. 

We provide a wide variety of services in English, and in any other language of your choice. We can offer you assistance to, over time, overcome any learning difficulties.

Open Contact
You are welcome to contact us via email, Skype, chat message (on the chat box on our home page), facebook chat and by telephone.
We will respond to your queries and requests as soon as we can. We are here to support and encourage you.

English, Single-language and Bi-lingual Learning

Study any subject, at any level, in any language of your choice. 

For instance, GCSE Religious Education may be taught in English (by a native English speaker), in Hungarian (by a speaker who has a master command of Hungarian, and who understands the curriculum), or by a teacher who speaks both Hungarian and English. The choice is yours!

Our proofreading service includes grammar checks, sentence structure checks, and editorial comments to help enhance the quality of your documents. You may also request reference checks. We proofread in English and in any other language of your choice.

*Please note, in order to uphold integrity, our proofreading service does not include re-writing or adding additional paragraphs for any groups or individuals.​

Exam Practice

Practice taking mock exam papers (any subject, any level), which we will email to you and then mark. Our mock exam papers are designed to help you complete exams administered by examination boards such as: Edexcel, OCR, AQA, WJEC and Cambridge Exams.​

Confidential Consultation Services

*Receive help to find courses. Receive careers advice and guidance: Contact us via Skype, chat message, facebook chat, or on the telephone.  

*Discuss writing structures and coursework, such as: essay structure plans, essay paragraphing, thesis writing and coursework dilemmas.

*Do you have questions about choosing a school, college or university? If you care for any children, are you wondering which school, college or university to send them to? Do you have any other thoughts and questions about education? Do you simply wish to be heard, as you face your struggles? Do you help to receive constructive words of encouragement about your own education, or that of your colleagues or any children you know?

Motivation and confidence-booster discussions (for work and everyday practicalities): Do you want to be more motivated? Do you want to be more confident? No worries! We're here to assist you!

*Teaching (e.g. CELTA, TEFL, PGCE, QTS, QTLS, BA Ed., Ed. Doc) advice and practice help: Are you a teacher seeking to excel in your reflective teaching practice? Are you hoping to become an educator? Do you have any teaching questions? Do you have any educational dilemmas? Are you seeking fun ways to encourage students throughout their learning? Are you seeking encouragement and advice for yourself? Would you like to enhance your leadership skills and practice?

*Anti-bullying Discussions: Are you looking for someone to simply listen to you and encourage you? Would you like to know how to effectively overcome the effects of bullying? Our professional Advice and Guidance colleagues and counsellors are ready to encourage, equip and motivate you. You are not alone, we are here to encourage you!

Business Encouragement: Are you thinking about starting, or have you already started, a business? Contact us, we'd love to encourage you even more in your endeavours!

Are you and your colleagues looking for excellent CPD classes? Contact us! 

Interview Assistance: We offer confidence-booster classes as well as interview assistance (to develop your techniques and practice). All sessions are planned in detail. During your lessons, should you so choose, you are welcome to talk about any thoughts or experiences concerning interviews.

Translation: We translate documents into English and other languages.

Typing: We type dictations in English and other languages. 

FREE Student Forum
You are welcome to join our Free Student Forum, receive answers to academic questions, greet one another on our platform, ask questions and make comments relating to Education. 

Free Advertising
We invite you to post Ads (buy, sell, advertise), for FREE.!The information you post will be listed in our Worldwide Directory.

We are currently working on our Worldwide Library - a library full of books and resources (e.g. business and teaching resources, coursework resources, websites), for multiple subjects and all levels. 

Do feel free to recommend and upload any books to our library collection.​

Featured Topic
We offer a featured topic page for groups and individuals interested in researching and/or voicing their opinions concerning history and politics. This is a wonderful opportunity to engage with the events of today. 

Leadership and Politics
Our Leadership and Politics pages link students, readers and researchers to invaluable references and resources developed by the founder of Leadership By the People..

Equal Opportunities Policy
We offer an Equal Opportunities policy. We provide a first class service for all.

We work together as a team, and we practice reflective professional development.

Amazing Discounts
We offer great discounts when you recommend your friends who, in turn, choose to use our services.

We also offer discounts: 

(a) When you book 2 or more lessons (please see our 'Prices' page)  

(b) If you have a family with two or more children

(c) If you receive any concessions (e.g. Job-seeker's Allowance) 

(d) If you wish to study in a class (with a group of students), rather than having your own lessons

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We will continually update you with additional services, and constantly update our website.